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Goals & Achievements in Sustainability 
Sustainable Tourism

Goals & Achievements in Sustainability 

2021 Goals & Achievements

Office & Business Activity

  • Stop using water heater in summertime. To much electricity for hand wash.

Achieved: Electricity consumption is minimized: the water heater is not used in summertime, heated floor is set 15C (due to warm winter, was not active all winter)

  • Digital presentations and promo materials for each product for next travel fair. Reuse placards and boardsheets.

Partly Achieved: A row of digital presentations and promo materials was developed, but did not participate at any travel fair.


Waste Management & Environment

  • Provide clients with aluminum bottles with DCAT logo as gift and arrange water distribution. No plastic bottles. (2021 or 2022 depending on financial and COVID situation).

Partly Achieved: No funds were designated for aluminum bottles. Nevertheless water distribution was arranged.

  • Trash sack for each group. Guides to encourage (unobtrusive and optional) clients for trash collection in mountainous/ remote areas.

Achieved: Groups were provided with trash sacks. Although the number of conducted tours was low.

Staff & Society

  • Develop and implement non-material awards for guides which demonstrated good performance in sustainability (tickets to Travel Show, Theater or Cinema vouchers, something for kids).

Not Achieved: No funds were designated.

  • Enforce participation in eco-events.

Partly Achieved: Few guides participated in eco-events. The company continued to provide aid to orphanage.


Suppliers & Partners

  • Promote Off-Season Trips  to lessen the load of stress on a city and to also provide the locals with year-long employment.

Not Achieved: A row of season trips are developed but due to current environment none of it was conducted.

  • Request a certificate from transportation providers to ensure that level of exhaust is at permissible level.​

Partly Achieved: Transportation providers were not ready to submit exhaust compliance certificate, copies of annual technical inspection certificates were provided instead.

  • Enforce cooperation with CBT providers and local establishments (Visit Osh, Destination Karakol etc). Include new products in tour packages.

Achieved: New products offered by ground service providers (Visit Osh, Destination Karakol, Arslanbob) were inluded in tour packages.

2022 Key Goals & Approaches

Office & Business Activity

  • Designate a specific percent of annual revenue in favor of Wildlife Support Projects (NABU).

Not Achieved: No funds were designated.

  • 50% of accommodation providers should be eco-certified (Travelife or other recognized establishment).

Partly Achieved: Some hotels were eco-certified.​

  • Review 2021 goals and assess implementation. The policy and actions taken to implement it are reviewed.

  • Reconsider current itineraries and introduce maximum human interaction with nature, immersion in the world of culture and tolerance.


  • Request ISO certification from print shops for future orders.

Partly Achieved: No printing materials were orders in 2023, old stock was used with transition to digital presentations

Waste Management & Environment

  • Develop and implement Carbon Emission compensation plan. Calculate emissions. Tracking and control procedure.

Partly Achieved: Carbon Emissions during tours and business trips are calculated and tracked.​

  • Enforce volunteering in cleaning of mountainous areas.

Achieved: We continued to participate in these events.

Staff & Society

  • Enforce participation in educational trainings/events for full-time and part-time employees on sustainability and other tourism related topics, paid by the company.

Partly Achieved: A row of training were conducted and sponsored by international organizations.

  • New staff are given training in the policy, and there are training sessions at regular intervals for all staff.

Partly Achieved: No new staff in 2022

Suppliers & Partners

  • 70% of tour guides should hold a certificate on sustainable and/or eco-tourism.

​​Not Achieved

  • Include actual regional sustainability matters in foreign partners’ websites or travel vouchers.


  • Responsible travel information is delivered to customers via brochures, website, pre-travel information booklets.


2023 Key Goals & Approaches

Office & Business Activity

  • Review 2022 goals and assess implementation. The policy and actions taken to implement it are reviewed.

  • Participate at new Travel Shows (ITB Asia, return to WTM Latin America) in addition to WTM London and ITB Berlin, ATTA Membership.

  • Utilize a competitive advantage of ecologically sound product and brand.

  • Sustainability principles in the management of human resources, office supplies and production of printed materials as in place.

  • Electric cars for sightseeing tours

Achieved - service is available in Kyrgyzstan 


Waste Management & Environment

  • Development of environmental manual for a long-term measures with the contracted service providers on environmental matters

  • Select yurt camps only with detritus tanks only for accommodation


Staff & Society

  • Sport Club season tickets to best guides. Assess quality of provided services and sustainability commitment based on clients’ feedback.

  • Hiring of more local guides to provide better interpretative experiences and support to the local communities. Encourage participation in language classes.


Suppliers & Partners

  • Establish partnerships with foreign tour operators who specialize at green tourism.

  • Integration of sustainability principles into the selection criteria and service agreements of suppliers.

  • Limiting group size based on the local situation, with a maximum of 20 people.

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