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5 reasons to visit Ferghana Valley

Ferghana Valley is usually called the Pearl of Uzbekistan. This incredibly authentic and picturesque place has been famous all over the world since ancient times for historical monuments, craftsmen who created unique examples of folk arts and crafts. Previously, it was the territory of the Kokand Khanate, and here much testifies to the former greatness of this area. Arriving here, each quest will discover a unique world, getting acquainted with the life and traditions of the local people.

Margilan Fabrics

Margilan throughout its history was the largest city of the Fergana oasis, famous for its silk fabrics, which merchants exported along the Great Silk Road to Egypt and Greece, Baghdad, Khorasan and Kashgar. And even now Margilan is considered the silk capital of Uzbekistan. The famous khanatlases are produced here, woven and dyed by hand according to the ancient technology. In Margilan, as nowhere else in Uzbekistan, there is a huge selection of various fabrics created by hereditary craftsmen.

Margilan Fabrics
Rishtan Ceramics

Fifty kilometers from Ferghana is the small town of Rishtan. Since ancient times, the people of Rishtan have been famous for their ceramic products. Entire dynasties of skilled ceramists were born here, creating real beauty. This is due to the special varieties of local clay, glaze and mineral dyes. For guests and tourists, some craftsmen conduct master classes in the manufacture of ceramic products. These classes are very popular. Everyone can try their hand and learn some of the subtleties of this art.

Rishtan Ceramics
Enjoy the picturesque Shakhimardan

This is one of the most beautiful places in Uzbekistan. Here the beauty and majesty of nature is breathtaking. Shakhimardan in Persian means Lord of the People. It had a long history of Muslim domination. According to legends, it was visited by prophets and today it is a sacred place of pilgrimage. Shokhmardan is geographically separated from Uzbekistan. It is located among the mountains of the Alai Range and is washed by the Uk-su and Kok-su rivers on both sides.

picturesque Shakhimardan
Palace of Khudayar Khan in Kokand

The real pearl of Kokand and one of the main historical sights of the city is the palace of Khudoyar Khan. It was built in 1871 and was the seventh Khan's palace in a row. According to the idea, the palace was supposed to surpass all previous ones in size and magnificent decoration, asserting the power of the Kokand ruler. Indeed, the building occupied an area of 4 hectares. Its exterior and interior decoration are luxurious. On the portal, between the guldasta towers that framed it, above the huge carved doors, there is an inscription in Arabic made of carved majolica: Great Said Muhammad Khudoyar Khan. The palace was surrounded by a beautiful carved fence. On the right flank, a faceted minaret was built, lined with ceramic tiles, imitating the colors of Ferghana abr silks. There are more than 100 rooms inside. All of them are decorated with ganch carvings and colorful ornaments.

Palace of Khudayar Khan in Kokand
Taste the genuine flavor and variety of Kokand halva

Halva consists of butter, milk powder, sugar, nuts or dried fruits. It tastes like soft and smooth fudge. This is actually a very tasty, light and pleasant dessert - Kokand Specialty. In the markets of the city you will find many varieties of this halva with different tastes and fillings.

Kokand halva


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