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Almaty and surroundings

Almaty is the largest city of Kazakhstan, the former capital of the country and a large financial center. Almaty has an expanded route network of buses, trolleybuses, taxi buses and taxi. The first seven stations of the city’s subway were opened on December 1, 2011.

Almaty and surroundings

Modern international airport Almaty servicing more than 2 million passengers per year is situated in the administrative area of the city.

There are two railway stations in the city: Almaty-1 and Almaty-2. Almaty-1 is a transitional station on the way from Russia to Central Asia, located in the north part of the city. Almaty-2 railway station is near the center of the city and is used by passengers that arrive in the metropolis.

Almaty is a truly cultural center of the republic. There are 270 cultural organizations, including 14 theaters, 7 concert halls, 2 philharmonics, 11 orchestras and 13 ensembles in the city. The visitors of Almaty can find 32 museums, 20 art galleries, 39 libraries and 2 Students Activity Centers. The city is famous for 115 monuments of history, architecture and monumental art. There are also 18 cinema theatres, a circus, 920 sports facilities, lots of night clubs, restaurants and other entertainment facilities.

Its main sights are:

- Voznesenski Cathedral Church, a unique engineering structure built of blue Tien Shan spruce in 1770 by architect KA Borisoglebskity and engineer A.P. Zenkov under the project of Pavel Gurde;

- The television tower located on the Koktobe mountain at 1,000 meters above sea level It the highest structure in Almaty. It is almost 372 meters high, and 1,130 meters high above sea level. The building was constructed taking into account the mountainous area and can withstand a 10 point earthquake.

High-mountain ice rink Medeo built in 1972 in the canyon of the same name 15 kilometers away from the city. Medeo was Called «a factory of records», as 126 records have been registered on the ice rinl for 33 years. The unique feature of the ice rink located at a height of 1,700 meters lies in the rarefied air and high quality of ice provided by clean mountainous water without any salt impurities.

Translated from Kazakh, the word «Almaty» means «father of apples» or «apple places.


Almaty region is situated in the south-east of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It was established on March 10, 1932. The region's administrative center — Taldykorgan.

Have you ever seen the fairy smooth surface of a majestic natural wonder - Lake Alakol, where the great Kabanbay Batyr used to water his horses and where his fearless warriors were resting before crucial fights? If not, you have lost a lot in this life. You shall immediately go there and relax at Alakol Lake, located in the district of the same name and translated from Kazakh as «Multicolored Lake».

The history of our land of Zhetysu is wonderful and rooted in the ancient days. This land is truly the heart of Kazakhstan's cultural life. It can boast of rich traditions. It is known for a burial of a man in «golden clothing» found in the Issyk burial mound, and remarkable set of things in the incrustation style found in Kargaly canyon near Almaty dating back to III-II B.C.

The unique creation of nature is the Singing Dune on the right bank of the Ili River. In summer the mountain awakes and

produces powerful continuous booming. It is interesting that the dune does not move along the flatland, but stays on its place during the millenniums.

Some time ago Chokan Ualikhanov, a distinguished explorer of Central Asia, great enlightener, ethnographer, orientalist, found his last shelter not far from Altyn-Emel passage. An architectural memorial complex was built in the area of the district in honor of the son of the Kazakh nation.

The favorite resort place of people of Almaty, Taldykorgan and the whole region is Kapchagai water reservoir.

Agriculture is very important for Almaty region's economy. Over 70% of its population lives in the countryside. By major indices, the region firmly holds the leading position among the country’s agricultural regions.


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