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eBioAtlas Initiative in Central Asia

The eBioAtlas is a joint initiative of IUCN (the International Union for Conservation of Nature) and NatureMetrics (biodiversity analysis and monitoring experts). Through the collection and analysis of freshwater samples from across the world, the eBioAtlas will map the distribution of various species in a more comprehensive and effective way than ever before. This information will inform which species are featured on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, help identify sites in need of protection and restoration, and generally build the understanding and evidence needed for further biodiversity protection and restoration efforts globally.

All land and water-based species leave traces of their DNA in different environments, such as waterways, wetlands and lakes. Using NatureMetrics’ innovative eDNA sample-taking technique, it is possible to know the species present in different ecosystems, as well as their distributions across a landscape, by simply pushing water through a filter with a syringe.

This project not only enables us to use our trips to help support a pioneering global biodiversity conservation initiative, it also enables our clients and supplier partners to get directly involved in increasing our knowledge on endangered species around the world and helping to preserve and restore nature.


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