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Heritage of Turkmenistan - Turkmen carpets

A Turkmen proverb says: "A house in the East is only where the carpet is laid."

A carpet can even replace an oasis in the middle of a scorched desert - this is what wise Turkmens think, emphasizing the depth of their national self-consciousness and unpretentiousness in terms of living conditions. Turkmen handmade carpets - centuries-old path to perfection.

Heritage of Turkmenistan - Turkmen carpets

The first Turkmen carpets appeared among nomads who drove herds of domestic animals from one pasture to another. It is known for certain that the first such products began to be exported to Europe along the same route as the famous Chinese silk, and this was in the 3rd century BC. Centuries passed, ancient civilizations faded, and the glory of Turkmen carpet weaving became brighter. The famous navigator singled out Turkmen carpets from all oriental carpets, describing them as “the thinnest and most beautiful in the world.” Turkmen handmade carpets often came to Europe under the names "Persian" and "Bukhara", but this did not make their quality worse and did not in the least affect the uniqueness of the creations of Turkmen carpet weavers. They also continued to excite the minds of true connoisseurs of this ancient art.

And in their homeland, these products, although they had a purely utilitarian purpose, were a real symbol, an invariable companion in the life of every person: Turkmens were literally born and died on carpets. Soft and light carpets of Turkmenistan were ideal for transportation and were the main interior attribute of dwellings, and their quantity and quality was the main indicator of the social status of the family.

Carpets of Turkmenistan are products of unsurpassed quality, made according to ancient technology, filled with deep meaning and feeling. They are unique not only because of the “glowing” wool of mountain sheep, but also because of the special processing technology that gives the material unprecedented softness and strength. A carpet made of such yarn serves for many years and is passed down from generation to generation without losing its original charm.

A feature of Turkmen carpets is an unusual pattern of ornament, inherent only to the masters of this country - an octagonal flower “gel”. This symbol is of great importance in Turkmen culture - the primordial beginning, a kind of source of life, and the rectangular shape of the carpets is life, the world, the Universe.


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