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Meet us in Budapest, 3-6 March 2022

Dear friends, we will be happy to meet you in person at The Travel Exhibition in Budapest, 3-6 March 2022 which will take place at HungExpo Event Hall. It is one of the first in person travel show in Europe and should be a positive push for our fragile market. Please come and see us!

Kyrgyzstan hungexpo

The Travel Exhibition is the largest tourism exhibition in the country, catering to the professional and general audience alike. The opening day of the event will only be attended by professionals seeking to develop business ties or establish new connections

and participate in professional conferences. The last two days of the exhibition are devoted to the general audience who can book travels, get acquainted with the culture and customs of various countries or find out more about the unique features and sights of various regions or cities.

Kyrgyzstan hungexpo

In 2022, the Travel Exhibition will play a key role in re-launching tourism as the end of the pandemic brings new opportunities for establishing business relations and promoting travel destinations as well as sharing the experiences and best practices of market operators in order to rely on these factors to help get the business scene back on track as soon as possible. The event is focused on safe travelling, as safety has become paramount due to the pandemic, which includes both financial and health safety.

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