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The Legend of the city Osh and Suleiman Mountain

Wise people say that the City of Osh existed before the birth of the prophet Sueiman. They also say that the first man on earth predicted its appearance. That’s how it was...

The first man on Earth, Adam was ordered to cultivate. God gave him a couple of oxen, and a plough and said:

“Mark the land for the field for you and your descendants.”

Adam yoked the oxen, took a plough and started his furrow from Mecca. He worked a day, a week, a year. He wanted to cultivate as much land for the field as possible.

He reached the steep high mountain, and behind it there were other mountains with snowy tops. Adam looked back and decided that he had enough land for the field, and that the oxen were tired.

Then Adam cried:

“Ush!” That was the word to turn oxen

Many times Adam cried "Ush!" to turn the oxen. At this place the icty of Ush appeared. Later people started to pronounce it "Osh".

Today there is no border, which was marked by Adam for the field at the place of modem Osh. The borders of Osh are wider and they are still growing every year.

Legend of Osh


Suleiman was young and handsome and he had the gift of prediction. It gave him the glory of a prophet and his name became holy.

It seemed like Suleiman was wise in all things, but he had a passion he could not suppress: passion for good horses and riding fast.

There were 500 of the best steeds in his stable.

One day, a race fascinated him so much that he forgot to pray and missed namaz. Suleiman feared God's anger and to receive forgiveness for his sin, he ordered that all horses be killed.

God was impressed by his sacrifice and decided to reward Suleiman by presenting him with a gigantic throne, which could be maintained only by 500 jins.

The jins raised the throne and, on Suleiman's order, put it in the same place where the first man, Adam, marked the border for his field, at the place of modem City of Osh.

Sitting on the throne at the top of mountain, Suleiman enjoyed the green plateau at its base and breathed clean, fresh air.

But it was not enough for Suleiman. He wanted a river to flow at the ‘ foothill of the mountain where he sat and he wanted the river to thunder and foam.

There was a small lake in the mountains so Suleiman ordered his jins to break one of the mountains and let the water out. The jins started working. They broke large pieces of stones and threw them all over the valley. At last a gorge appeared and water, beating the stones loudly,

I flowed in the green plateau at the foothill of the mountain of Suleiman’s throne.

B That’s why this mountain is called Takht-I-Suleiman - Throne of Puleiman and the foaming river has the name Ak-Buura.


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