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Rent a car
Take one of our Subaru Foresters for a self drive tour through Kyrgyzstan. All our cars are in excellent technical condition and undergo regular maintenance.​

Newest fleet at the local rental market!

Why Subaru Forester:

  • 2.5l petrol engine

  • AWD & Automatic transmission

  • A/C equipped

  • Fuel efficient - 6.0l/100 km | 40 mpg in highway mode

  • Spacious and safe

  • Versatile and comfortable SUV for paved and unpaved roads. Not for off road!

  • 50 USD per day only. Insurance included.


Select dates to see vehicle's availability (3 days is a minimal rent period)

Car rental in Kyrgyzstan

For each reservation, we charge a non-refundable prepayment of 5% (not less than 100 USD) to the account via SWIFT transfer or payment link. Payment instructions will be sent after pre-booking at provided email. Your reservation will be secured for 3 days after an invoice has been sent. If the prepayment hasn't been done we reserve the right to cancel your booking. 
The balance should be paid in cash upon reception of the vehicle or you may pay your invoice in full in advance.
Safety Deposit
​At the time of car acceptance we will charge a safety deposit of 800 USD per car. The deposit will be held against any damages to the vehicle. If the vehicle is returned in good condition then the deposit will be returned. If the vehicle has been damaged by the client then the appropriate amount will be charged.
Cancellation Policy
Cancellations are accepted at any time. In the event of a cancellation, the 5% (not less than 100 USD) reservation fee will be kept.
Pick up and return
Your car should be picked up in Bishkek at any hotel, Manas international airport or at our office.
Your car should be returned in  Bishkek at any hotel, Manas international airport . at our office or at any other city with prior negotiation - you may be charged additionally.


The car will be provided with full tank of petrol. It should be also returned fully tanked.

Other requirements
Requirements for Tenant:

  • Age of the Tenant - at least 25 years old;

  • Driving experience - 3 years and over.

Documents required (upload during reservation):

  • Passport;

  • A valid driver's license of an international standard. Translation of your driver license may be required.

Rental period and territory of vehicle operation:

  • The minimum rental period is 3 days;

  • Restriction of the territory of exploitation - Kyrgyz Republic;

  • Limitation mileage - 300 km per day. In case of exceeding the mileage Tenant pays for $ 0.40 for each exceeded kilometer.

In the case of a traffic accident The lessee is obliged to:

  • Do not move the vehicle that participated in the accident;

  • Immediately call representatives of the Lessor;

  • Immediately call representatives of the insurance company;

  • Call the traffic police;

  • Record witnesses (name, address, telephone number).

In case of damage caused by actions of third parties (theft, hooliganism, etc.), the Lessee is obliged:

  • Immediately call representatives of the Lessor;

  • Immediately apply to the internal affairs agencies with a statement of the incident, together with the representative of the Lessor (in case of actions of third parties).

Frequently asked questions
Are the cars insured:
All cars are insured. The vehicle insurance foresees implicit deductible (excess). Implicit deductible is the cost of damage not covered by Insurance Policy in case of vehicle injuries. The deductible at the rate of (guarantee fee) 300 USD is the maximal sum of Lessee’s obligations if the occurred damages are covered by Insurance Policy. Damages caused to Tires, Windows, Car Bottom, Engine or License Plate lost are not covered by Insurance. Damages due to bad fuel quality are the responsibility of the Lessee. Damages (Scratches) caused by trees\branches or bushes are not covered by Insurance. Damages to the car without the appropriate documents from the police cannot be filed as an Insured event. Engine overheating and undercarriage damages are not covered by Insurance.
Is passenger insurance included:
Passenger insurance is not included in the rental scope but can be provided additionally on request.
Child seats:
We can provide a child seats on request.
Optional equipment:
Vehicles may equipped with optional equipment on request as follows:

  • Skiing roof rack - 5 USD per day;

  • Bicycle roof rack - 5 USD per day;

  • Roof cargo box - 10 USD per day;

  • Side awning - 5 USD per day.

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