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Ancient Uzbekistan



Uzbekistan is a diamond in the crown of ancient empires and treasury of architectural monuments, the center of ancient cities, one of the centers of the legendary Silk Road. Here you can see the real ancient East - in Khiva, Samarkand and Bukhara. You can taste a real Uzbek pilaf cooked according to a recipe that is more than a thousand years old. Hotels here do not cost prohibitive money, and dinner at a restaurant will not ruin even the hungriest tourist. The country will conquer your heart by the beauty of historical monuments of the past, fantastic cuisine and smell of oriental markets.

Featured Tours in Uzbekistan

Heart of Central Asia

The Heart of Central Asia

15 days | from 1590$ 

Five Stans tours

Five Stans

19 days | from 2699$ 

Ethnography of the Silk Road

Ethnography of the Silk Road

12 days | from 1362$ 

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