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Travelife certified company central asia

Safety on our Tours - yes, we care ...

First Aid Training on tours

First Aid Training

Working with us you get trained tour guides with Red Cross First Aid Certificates covering critical issues:

  • Asthma emergencies;

  • Anaphylaxis;

  • Burns;

  • Choking;

  • Diabetic emergencies;

  • External bleeding and severe trauma;

  • Environmental emergencies;

  • Heart Attack;

  • Poisoning;

  • Neck, head and spinal injuries;

  • Stroke;

  • Seizure.

Incident reports on tours

Incident reports

Our incident reports is a tool that documents any event that may or may not have caused injuries to our tourists. It is used to capture injuries and accidents, near misses, property and equipment damage, health and safety issues, security breaches and misconducts our subcontractors. This will be reported to our partners or to your emergency contacts including:

  • Category of the incident;

  • Taken measures;

  • Additional information; 

  • Actions taken after the incident.

Emergency Preparedness on tours

Our Emergency Preparedness Template was designed to provide our guides, drivers and third parties with information how to act in case of Emergency. Each card contains:

  • Typical Emergency situation;

  • Responsibilities;

  • Step-by-Step Instructions;

  • Documentation.

First Aid Kit on tours

Advanced first aid kits

All our groups are provided with Advanced first aid kits which contain:

  • Tourniquets;

  • Dressings and wound closure;

  • Fixing;

  • Nasophayngeal Airways;

  • Antiseptic and cleaning;

  • Antidiarrhoeals;

  • Basic antibiotics;

  • Anti-histamine;

  • Altitude Medicines.

SOP for drivers and guides

SOPs for drivers and guides

All of our guides and drivers are provided with mandatory to complete Standard Operation Procedures for each departure they are leading. Topics include:​

  • Accommodation and transport inspection along the itinerary;

  • Camping , Yurt camps safety and hygiene;

  • Nutrition safety and hygiene;

  • Excursion, Walk in nature;

  • General health risks;

  • Sustainability matters.

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