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Central Asia is a majestic region historically associated with nomadic people and the Great Silk Road. Central Asia has always acted as an area where goods, ideas and people from across Eurasian continent come together. Rich history, religious interweaving, diversity of traditions and people have led to the creation of astonishing historical monuments of the past combined with world famous landscapes of Pamir and Tien-Shan Mountain Ranges. Traveling through our region gives a great opportunity to discover several countries, each with its own beauties, within single trip.

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Central Asia Travel Destinations

Nomadic Kyrgyzstan

Nomadic Kyrgyzstan

Ancient Uzbekistan

Ancient Uzbekistan

Full of adventures Tajikistan

Full of adventures Tajikistan

Modern Kazakhstan

Modern Kazakhstan

Astonishing Turkmenistan

Astonishing Turkmenistan

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Great Silk Road Tours

14 days

from 1889 USD per pax

The Land of Nomads

10 days

from 820 USD per pax

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